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The origin of 103 Pilgrims and the Plymouth Mysteries series

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

I lived in Plymouth, Massachusetts for 25 years and was absorbed by, not only the towns heritage, but the culture, dialect, cuisine and government. Many families who live in Plymouth have been there for five to twelve generations. Being a resident for only 25 years the town still considered me a newbie. Nonetheless, during my tenure in Plymouth I learned how to make award winning clam chowder, properly bake lobster in sand on the beach, troll for blues, use word wicked effectively, negotiate, traditionalize and to resist change. I also learned Plymouth has been a storied place for over 400 years. Over the years and over beverages I heard about Plymouths legends, folklore, curious history, town mysteries and just plain weird and mostly unknown tales said to be the truth.

During the time I lived in Plymouth I also worked in business that mandated I travel extensively throughout the United States and internationally. During those long flights to Europe or Asia and the inevitable flight delays my mind would drift to some of the stories that fascinated me. I started to write them down one paragraph at a time then a page at a time and then multiple pages at a time. Before I realize it, a few years went by and I had several hundred written pages scrambled in no particular order. I started to organize them and realized I may be able to make a book out of them if I reorganized them properly. Seven years later, with a lot more writing, editing, research, writing classes and advice, my first novel, 103 Pilgrims was completed.

I hope you’ll join me as I research and discuss the mysteries of Plymouth and my sequel to 103 Pilgrims.

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