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and Plymouth Mysteries


About the book

What secrets do 400-year-old bones hold?

In Plymouth Massachusetts, Home of the Rock, someone is digging up the Pilgrims.

There’s a rumor that there’s more than 41 signers of the Mayflower Compact—but no one knows because the original Compact doesn’t exist. Or does it?


If someone discovers the secret, they could become rich beyond their dreams and enjoy world-wide fame.

  • Secret societies that wield far too much power and who will do anything to

      keep the truth about the Pilgrims buried…

  • Murders of innocent people wanting to protect the intentions of the intrepid seekers of religious freedom…

Join unlicensed, unbonded, un-insured private “advisor,” Tony Tempesta, his on-again, off-again permanent lady friend, Susan Phoenix, and his bulwark protector, Mike Kennedy who carries his own secrets as they reach back through history to the year 1620 for clues that go far beyond bringing the murders to justice.


“Rick Pontz’s novel 103 Pilgrims is perfect timing for Americas’ 400-year anniversary of the landing of the Pilgrims. The blend of the historic past with todays’ events exposes the commonality of the inner lives and mysteries of people across time and place spanning more than twelve generations.”


“Whether you like historical fiction or just a good mystery novel, Rick Pontz’s 103 Pilgrims combines historic and modern events. A perfect read for anyone who likes historic reality mixed with a fictional mystery set in both 1620 and 2020.”

“A fictionalized story of the Pilgrims help solve todays search for the secrets they left behind while Rick Pontz’s mystery novel, 103 Pilgrims,  uses those secrets to solve a mystery set in 2020 woven with greed, lust, ambition and the struggle for equality of all people.”

“103 Pilgrims by Rick Pontz helps us understand some of the decisions our ancestors made more than four hundred years ago and how those decisions changed our lives today  A great vacation read with twists, turns and reveals that will make you want to know what happens next.”

Chapter One

In modern times, the only justification for digging up a body is a dispute over an inheritance or the need for DNA confirmation in a police investigation. In this day and age, the process is far removed from eighteenth century London, when it was good business to dig up bodies for use by the Surgeons’ College—an arm here, a head there; an entire corpse would fetch an ambitious man an average week’s wage. But this was 2020 in Plymouth, Massachusetts, U.S.A. Secrets of the dead along with family skeletons have stayed buried for centuries, which in most cases probably was for the best.

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